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We are working with global advice, prompted the International Finance Corporation, and on novel issues postured by the creative value courses of action, fare credit organization bolsters and the moderately short tenor advances. We prompt shareholders/promoters of banks on re-organizing by method for obtaining, merger and deal and additionally starting open offerings of shares for new banks or banks changing over from a shut to open business entity. Likewise, the firm prompts on the UAE Banking law and controls, CBU's administrative part and arrangements, securities enlistment, insolvency, corporate administration, consistence, and other administrative issues.

Our managing an account and back firm consolidates profundity and broadness of information of UAE's administrative, budgetary and business condition with multi-jurisdictional lawful skill picked up in Egypt, Sudan, and India. This extraordinary mix empowers us to furnish our clients with top-notch, UAE-particular counsel and direction. This firm works intimately with our corporate and capital markets and business firms to convey a consistent administration to clients over the full range of saving money and budgetary administrations, corporate fund and venture back exchanges. Clients reveal to us that our capacity to give incorporated guidance is one of our most significant qualities.

Dubai Office:

Office 503, AW Rostamani HQ, Al Ittihad Road,

Deira, Dubai

P.O.Box:  23404, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 2865503 | Fax: +971 4 2865504

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