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Will & Inheritance

Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla Advocates & Legal Consultants Lawyers firm in Dubai has effectively gotten appreciative outcomes in lawful guidance with respect to legacy issues and resource division question. While implementing wills and helping beneficiaries to get their share through the courts, Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla Advocates & Legal Consultants serve an abnormal state of administration to all clients situated in Dubai and over the UAE, utilizing his logical abilities to accomplish the most ideal result.

Our firm is effectively argued, on many events, under the steady gaze of the courts to acquire a reasonable allotment of advantages as recommended in a will or legacy testament. We help Muslim and none Muslim legators in drafting and registers their wills either with Notary Public or DIFC. Moreover, we help the successors and legatee to release their either estate or will by to file an inheritance claim, apply for limiting and preparing an inventory of the estate of a deceased person and obtain the degree of distribution.

Dubai Office:

Office 503, AW Rostamani HQ, Al Ittihad Road,

Deira, Dubai

P.O.Box:  23404, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 2865503 | Fax: +971 4 2865504

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