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Debt Recovery

Outstanding Payments and Invoices can be an overwhelming channel on your business' assets. In any case, pursuing unpaid obligations can regularly be a tedious and baffling procedure on the off chance that you are not acquainted with the methodology included. There is no point seeking after a borrower that has no cash and won't have the capacity to pay. In this way, before seeking an obligation gathering process, we assess the case and encourage you as to your best arrangements. We will dependably guarantee that you know about the procedure, cost and potential accomplishment earlier making any move. Our obligation accumulation firm dependably means to gather your exceptional installments genially.

Our obligation accumulation handle comprises of a progression of heightening letters, telephone calls, messages, and now and again visits. Ought to legitimate activity be required, we can deal with the full lawful process from presenting a protest at the general population indictment, filling a police report however acquiring a court judgment and continuing with the execution of the judgment to include: distinguishing proof of the indebted person's advantages, getting connection orders against the recognized resources (i.e. financial balances, genuine property, vehicles), and applying for warrant capture and travel boycott orders against the indebted person.

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Office 503, AW Rostamani HQ, Al Ittihad Road,

Deira, Dubai

P.O.Box:  23404, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 2865503 | Fax: +971 4 2865504

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