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Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla

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Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla Advocates & Legal Consultants


Choosing a lawyer or a law firm is always a decisive decision. If taken lightly, it can lead to endless complications, ending in the loss of your case, your interests, and your rights.

Whether you are an individual citizen or a corporate entity, in the journey to reclaim the legal rights you need to make sure that you have put your case in the hands of an expert who knows the ropes; an expert with an impressive track record of achieving results in the complicated maze of the legal system; an expert who has the integrity and the commitment to embrace your case and consider it his or her own.

Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla Advocates & Legal Consultants is well-positioned to keep this promise. With its approach to business, and its result-oriented team of veteran lawyers and law experts who have decades of experience within the UAE judiciary system, Hassan Ashoor Al Mulla Advocates & Legal Consultants is your representative of choice whenever you need to defend your rights and interests.


Dubai Office:

Office 503, AW Rostamani HQ, Al Ittihad Road,

Deira, Dubai

P.O.Box:  23404, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 2865503 | Fax: +971 4 2865504

Toll-Free: 800 2532

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